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Mostly used for the RSM are Box-Behnken and Central Composite (CCD) arrays. This is because these arrays are Rotatable around the Center point.

Box-Behnken design Central Composite design
Extreme combinations No Yes
Size of matrix Smaller Bigger
Amount of levels 3 5
No Circumscribed points The Circumscribed point especially
for the bigger arrays are far from
the normal setting

As you can see in a Box-Behnken design there are less data point needed compared with a Central Composite design.
With a Box-Behnken design every factor is having 3 levels compared to Central Composite 5 with 2 circumscribed points with a bigger distance.
Factors Box-Behnken Central Composite
Test runs Test runs Distance
2 13 1.414
3 15 20 1.682
4 26 30 2.000
5 45 52 2.378
6 54 91 2.828