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Choosing a statistical test

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Choosing a statistical test
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When choosing a statistical test it is important that you known what you want to test. When doing a specific statistical test and it is significant it is important to verify the shape and and the sample size. For more information what are the restrictions of each test see the specific page of the test.

Ratio and Interval Scale

Mean or Median

Difference Mean or Median and a hypothetic value

Difference between 2 Means or Medians

Difference between multiple Means or Medians


Difference between 2 variations

Difference between multiple variations

Linear relations

Relations between 2 data-sets

Relations between multiple data-sets

Reliability failure rate

Shape of distribution

Analysis of a measurement system


Test whatNormal DistributionWith what statistical test
Difference in Mean/Median Yest-test
Difference in Mean/Median between multiple data setsYesOne way Anova
NoKruskal-Wallis Test
Difference in VariationYesVariation F-test
NoVariation Levene test
If data set is normal distributedn.a.Anderson Darling normality test
Is the data according specificationYesCp Cpk % out of tolerance
If there is relation between two data setsn.a.Correlation
Calculates the relation between data setsn.aRegression
Difference in two proportions
(Data set with only good or false results)