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Select test

In the selection area the calculation to be executed can be selected.
9. Drop-down 3. Result table Description
Selection 7. normal/not normal Result
Compare withEnter column to compare with
NominalEnter nominal
Min Tol.Enter minimum tolerance
Max TolEnter maximum tolerance
MeanMeanMean of column
nnAmount of data points
MedianMedianMedian of column
STDEVStdevStandard deviation of column
% Cp Cpk% out of tolerance% statistical out of tolerance
CpCp of column
CpkCpk of column
DifferenceDifferenceDifference with comparing column
Diff mean or mediannormal distributedt-test tt value of the t-test
t-test DFdegrees of freedom in cluding min sample size
t-test pSignificance level
Not normal distributedM/W Testz value of test
min samplesdegrees of freedom in cluding min sample size
M/W Test pSignificance level
Normally testNormality A²Anderson Darling A²
Normality pResult of the test
Diff variationnormal distributedF test FF value F-test
min samplesMinimum sample size
F test pSignificance level
Not normal distributedLevene FF value Levene test
Levene pSignificance level
KurtosisKurtosisKurtosis level
SkewnessSkewnessSkewness level
CorrelationCorrel rCorrelation factor
min pairsMinimum sample size
Correl pSignificance level
RegressionRegression formula
Min/MaxMaxMaximum value data-set
MinMinimum value data-set